How A Lower Bitcoin Price Means More Business For You

When you buy or lease a BitcoinATM from BitcoinATM360 you get an extra benefit of being able to advertise the price of bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is publicly exchanged, its price can fluctuate up and down like other commodities. It is important to understand that this fluctuation in price works to drive business, interest, and liquidity. “When there is a short supply, the price will go up in relation to rising demand“, Adam Smith on Supply and Demand.

These fluctuations have a two-fold benefit for the BitcoinATM Operator who leases our machines. First, when the price of bitcoin tumbles, you will see one of two things happen at your machine:

1. New Customers Will Buy Bitcoin, entering the ecosystem
2. Existing Customers Will Either Buy Or Sell

If the market remains flat and stable, the market activity at your machine would likely be the same, but since it is driven by market forces, and people love to speculate, you will see sudden increases in traffic at your location during periods of volatility.

Historical BTC Chart

Current price fluctuations are a prime example of BTC volatility, where the price has dropped a few percent. View the current price of BTC here. This will either entice new buyers to get into the Bitcoin economy, or cause people to sell off their bitcoin to prevent further downside.

In our opinion, Bitcoin is here to stay. This is why we are in business, and we encourage you to get into the business while there is still plenty of low-hanging fruit. Remember how Google Stock was $600 a share? At that cost it deterred a lot of average investors, and soon became an elite stock. Or how about Warren Buffet’s shares in Berkshire Hathaway at over $200,000 a share? The advantage of a falling Bitcoin price is that the elitism is reduced, allowing more people to enter the market*. That means more bitcoin in more wallets, more visitors to your machine, and more global acceptance of the world-wide currency.

We encourage you to look at our fractional ownership Fund, sold publicly at Havelock Exchange.

* Special note, Bitcoin is divisible to 8 decimal places, so there is no need to purchase an entire bitcoin, you can easily buy and sell small fractions of a full bitcoin. The smallest unit is referred to as a “satoshi” and is 0.00000001 of a bitcoin.

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