Bitcoin ATM Sales, Service, & Financing

BitcoinATM360 provides full life-cycle support of your BitcoinATM operations; from equipment selection, launch, marketing, Bitcoin management to upgrade paths, asset recovery and expansion.


Whether you are purchasing your first BitcoinATM, or your 20th, BitcoinATM360 is here to assist you in the selection of the best machine for your application.

Managed Services

BitcoinATM360 can support your operations 24×7, allowing you peace of mind that everything is ok.


Access to our extensive network of BitcoinATM consultants ensure immediate help is only a phone call away.

Asset Recovery

We can help you recover your investment if regulations or other issues disrupt your Bitcoin ATM Operations, or you are just looking to upgrade.

Full Ecosystem

We have a full selection of 3rd party services and products to support your BitcoinATM business, regardless of its needs.

Custom Solutions

BitcoinATM360 can provide a custom solution to your specific needs.

Our Team

  • Terry Woltman

    CEO, Co-Founder

    About Terry Woltman

    Terry has served as CEO, Project and Program Manager, Vendor Manager, CTO for hire, consulted on wireless engineering and operations projects, as well as, Oracle, Data Center / Hosting, SAP, CPE refurbishment center build out, import/export, and network liquidation and asset recovery. Terry utilizes his extensive experience, both technical and managerial, in overseeing large projects and globally distributed teams.

  • Mike Snyder

    COO, Co-Founder

    About Mike Snyder

    Mike has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. His businesses have ranged from retail shops, an internet mail order catalog, sports bar, debit cards and more. During that time he has learned how to bootstrap a company, raise equity from Fortune 500 companies, and run and manage most every aspect of a business. He has always been interested in new, disruptive technologies and products.

  • Eddy Travia


    About Eddy Travia

    Seedcoin Chief Startup Officer
    Eddy has evolved in graduate management education in Europe for 12 years until he joined a European investment fund in Shanghai to manage its China’s operations. He has lived in China for eight years where he has managed private equity funds and advised funds and corporations on international M&A deals in retail, FMCG and new media. Eddy is an alumnus of the Stanford Financial Engineering program. Eddy’s experience in dealing with international entrepreneurs should benefit all Seedcoin startup founders.

  • BitcoinATM360

    About BitcoinATM360

    Founded in early 2014 as Ignite Financing, we re-branded in September to provide Sales, Services, & Financing to the BitcoinATM industry.

Get in touch with us

Feel free to drop us a note and we can set-up a time to talk. We are happy to talk with you about any projects or business expansion you may be contemplating.

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