(Updated) BitcoinATM360 @ Manila Bitcoin Meetup Nov 6th

Was great meeting everyone at the Manila Bitcoin Meetup. Thanks to Bryan Cooley for hosting us to discuss BitcoinATMs.


Manila Bitcoin Meetup (pic from


Join us at the Manila Bitcoin Meetup this Thursday, Nov 6th at 7pm to learn about BitcoinATMs from BitcoinATM360 CEO, Terry Woltman. We will be doing a quick presentation/talk and then a Q&A to answer any questions.

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Learn about Bitcoin ATMs and Opportunities

The Meetup will take place at 7PM in Fort Bonifacio at PF Changs Restaurant (2nd Floor). Go upstairs when you enter the restaurant (staircase to the Left).

Learn the ins and outs about Bitcoin ATMs from expert Terry Woltman, CEO of BitcoinAtm360, the world leader in managed bitcoin ATM sales and operations.

Prior to his current venture, Terry has served as CEO, Project and Program Manager, Vendor Manager, CTO for hire, consulted on wireless engineering and operations projects, as well as, Oracle, Data Center / Hosting, SAP, CPE refurbishment center build out, import/export, and network liquidation and asset recovery. Terry utilizes his extensive experience, both technical and managerial, in overseeing large projects and globally distributed teams.

Updated May 11, 2015: Terry Woltman, CEO of BitcoinATM360 has launched a site dedicated to Bitcoin in the Philippines at:

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