Bitcoin Services Businesses Poised For Growth

You may be wondering why Bitcoin is so revolutionary, especially the service side aspects of the business. Reviewing new groundbreaking technologies that have been introduced over the years, there have been many that have made their way into almost every country in the world on a mass scale. For example, according to Digital Buzz Blog, 91% of all people on Earth have a cell phone!

Consider the Cellular Phone, Or Cell Phone, Smart Phone, or whatever you want to call it. 20 years ago, people did not use cell phones, at least not on a wide-scale like they do today. Thus, let’s take a prediction at Bitcoin and see how it is mirroring the behavior of something as simple as the Cell Phone.


How Does Technology Grow?
The life-cycle of innovation exhibits common patterns, which can be directly applied to the development of Bitcoin. We consider the progress of Bitcoin to be in Stage 2, on the verge of Stage 3.

Stage 1 is a concept or idea. Stage 2 is the development and adoption of the idea, and Stage 3 is the infrastructural development for widespread adoption. Here at Ignite Financing we are a Stage 3 business dedicated to helping propagate the business of Bitcoin by developing opportunities to increase the access for users around the world.

We are now on the cusp of stage 3, where the widespread adoption of the technology becomes enabled by increased business services and consumer level access to the technology. Again, like the cell phone, only elite users adopted bitcoin early on, but as the services increased more and more people began using the device, until today where it is one of the most common items worldwide. Will Bitcoin follow in its footsteps? We think so, or we wouldn’t be in this business.

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